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Houseboating: The Ideal Last Minute Summer Vacation

Have you had a chance to take a summer vacation this year? If not, houseboating is the perfect last minute summer vacation for these 5 reasons:

Last minute rentals are often available due to last minute cancellations.

To always be aware of the best deals out there, sign up for email updates for very special last minute offers. Look all the way down and to the right in your browser window.  See that little box that says “WANT TO WIN A FREE HOUSEBOAT VACATION?”  Fill that little box out and you are automatically entered!

Planning help.

Family and extended family, friends, family friends, coworkers, and pets are all options to experience houseboating with. Delegate planning the food, planning any additional activities (such as sight seeing or hiking around the surrounding area), arranging for ski boats or other toys, planning the transportation, and making provisions for the payment of money.

Easy set up with our Reservationists or online.

Once you reserve your houseboat, our Reservationists will email you a link to securely pay online. You can simply forward that link to your group and they each will have the ability to pay their portion directly to us, online, via credit card.

Packing is easy for a houseboat.

Summer allows for less clothing and items to pack, especially on the lake! Our houseboats are equipped with many amenities as well.

Food stays simple on a houseboat.

Tip: If you’re houseboating for a week, consider packing meat and frozen goods for the second half of your trip in an ice chest with dry ice, taping the lid shut. After 4 days, everything will still be frozen and you won’t have maxed out the refrigerator/freezers on your vessel.

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