6 Ways to Win a FREE houseboat trip:

1. YouTube Vacation Video Contest 

houseboats.com loves great interaction with our customers.  Not only do we want you to have a fantastic time on your houseboat vacation, but we want to see your creative pictures and videos, too.

We are celebrating another YouTube Contest!  Submit your best video to houseboats.com from your vacation on Shasta showing off your creativity and the adventures you had on the lake this year (or previous years) and enter to win a FREE vacation! But check the rules before you start….

2. Clean Boat Contest

We work very hard to keep our boats and marina beautiful.  As a reward for helping us out by returning your houseboat spick and span, we will enter you into our annual Clean Houseboat Contest!

3. Referral Program

Every time someone books & takes a trip because you sent them, you’ll receive a discount.  And they’ll get 10% off their trip because you sent them!

4. Website e-newsletter sign-up

Look down and to the right on your browser window.  See that little box that says “WANT TO WIN A FREE HOUSEBOAT VACATION?”  Fill that little box out and you are automatically entered!  Its that easy!

5. Full Pool Lake Level Contest

You can win a FREE HOUSEBOAT VACATION by submitting your guess-timate of the peak Shasta Lake water level for the summer! All you have to do is to have the closest guess as to how high the lake will be at its highest level for the year. Your guess must be in elevation above mean sea level, and submitted before April 15 of each year. Hint: If two guess-timates are equal differences from the actual, the lower guess will prevail.  Take me to the contest!

6. Boat Show Drawing

Want to see a gorgeous houseboats.com vessel up close and personal?  You can tour the model, meet our team and take advantage of a Show Special.  We’re bound to be at a boat show, expo or fair near your community.  See the latest show schedule, join us at the show, and enter into the drawing!