Quad Squad

Jones Valley/Shasta Lake
Exclusive Quad Squad Service

Quad Squad Service | houseboats.com exclusive luggage delivery service

At houseboats.com, we know how to deliver when it comes to customer service (pun intended). We’re the only houseboat rental operator that features the exclusive Quad Squad, a free vehicle to vessel delivery service.

Our ergonomic docks were designed to accommodate ATVs and changing lake levels so we can easily unload your vehicles in an expedited fashion. The Quad Squad meets you at your vehicle(s) in the parking lot, unloads all of your gear and groceries into our custom trailers, transports it down to the dock and unloads everything onboard your vessel.  Our Quad Squad is free to all our houseboat guests, however since it is such an appreciated service, tipping has become customary. Please know you are never under any obligation to tip, but if a crew member exceeds your expectations, any recognition will be received with gratitude.

Stop carrying your own gear! | houseboats.com Exclusive Quad Squad

At the end of the trip, we reverse the process and haul everything back up to your vehicle.

You don’t have to lift or haul anything unless you choose to!

Available only at Jones Valley Resort!!!