Video Contest Ultimate Vacation Video Contest loves great interaction with our customers.  Not only do we want you to have a fantastic time on your houseboat vacation, but we want to see your creative pictures and videos, too.

Submit your best video to from your vacation on Shasta, showing off your creativity and the adventures you had on the lake this year (or previous years) and enter to win a FREE vacation!

Got original videos? Keep it clean and concentrated. Videos of you staring off into the distance or driving a boat across the lake may be great to share with family, but keep our attention, so we can enter you into the Video Contest!

And make sure we can air it: Original music only, and no recognizable brands.  That means no Eminem songs in the background and drink that Budweiser when the camera isn’t rolling, please.  We want to keep our videos online without any lawsuits.

Got links? Send them over!  We look forward to eye-catching video and the best videos are unique, so be careful not to rip off your favorite beer commercial unless you are certain it is original and not promotional.  Remember the whole Budweiser/Eminem thing from above?  Odd, off-beat, unseen stuff from blogs, videos, twitters, strange web sites, pics, and great houseboating pranks work best.  (Gentlemen, PG rated or better, please)

The Winner of the 2012 Video Contest

Submitting to

Upload to your own Youtube page and submit the link to us here: Submit

Once uploaded, your content will be subject to review by our staff, then viewable to the community, and posted here and on our Youtube Channel.


1.   Video must feature vessels from Jones Valley Resort.

2.   Video may contain video, photos or combination of both.

3.   Video must have audio.

4.    No illegal activities may be shown, nor activities against our rules for houseboat operation

(i.e. jumping off of the top deck, overloading the waterslide, etc).

5.    Must be G or PG rated.

6.    Subject to editing and approval.

7.    Subject to all rules of

8.    Model releases for all persons in video agreeing to use of film for marketing purposes only must be on file at

9.   Contest expires March 31st of the next year.

10. Must not display excessive adult beverage drinking or cursing.

11. Check out our YouTube page for inspiration!